Novavax COVID vaccine highly effective, but not against South Africa variant

Fight against Covid: New vaccine reports nearly 90% effective in Phase 3 of trial

Six were from the group that received the vaccine, and the rest had received dummy shots. Results from a smaller Novavax study in that country suggests the vaccine does work but not almost as well as it does against the variant from Britain.

The public health agency for Paris and the surrounding region, an area with a population of 12.1 million people, told hospitals that from February 2, all first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine would be suspended, according to the source.

A new coronavirus vaccine has been shown to be 89.3% effective against the disease in large-scale United Kingdom trials.

More than 15,000 people in the UK took part in the clinical trial, which was supported by the UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

A combination of mutations in the variant first seen in South Africa changed the surface of the virus where antibodies seek to bind.

In the South African part of the trial, where most of the cases were the South African variant of the virus, the vaccine was 60% effective among those without HIV.

What is more, it appears to be effective against emerging and more infectious variants of coronavirus too - something scientists have feared might not be possible because the vaccines were all created to match the original virus, not these new, mutated versions. Including the immune-compromised volunteers, overall the protection was 49%, the company said.

A concerning highly transmissible coronavirus variant first identified there has been circulating in the Rainbow Nation.

How does the vaccine work?

The Novavax vaccine differs from those already being used in the UK.

It combines an engineered protein from the virus that causes COVID-19 with a plant-based ingredient to help generate a stronger immune response.

Fight against Covid: New vaccine reports nearly 90% effective in Phase 3 of trial

If the body encounters coronavirus in the future, the body is primed to fend it off.

The use of an adjuvant may reduce the amount of vaccine protein required per dose, which allows more vaccine doses to be produced.

While the news should ideally add to the market optimism and help GBP/USD, the quote eases off-late, now around 1.3725, as cable traders might be cautious over further EU-UK on the vaccine grounds.

They will be manufactured at the Fujifilm plant in Stockton-on-Tees.

"The NHS stands ready to roll this vaccine out as quickly as possible to those most at risk if it is authorised".

As if to make that point, today the South Africa variant was first identified in the United States, in two people in SC with no travel history, indicating that it may already be spreading in the community.

The jab has an advantage over those from Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna in that it can be stored in a regular fridge rather than needing ultra-cold storage.

This means distribution and supply chain management is easier than it is for the Pfizer vaccine, which has to be stored at the much lower temperature of -70C.

The jab is therefore more expensive than the AstraZeneca vaccine, but cheaper than both Pfizer and Moderna treatments.

The treatment comes at a cost of $16 (£11.66) per vaccination.



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