Nintendo Reveals Mario Red & Blue Edition Switch Console

Nintendo's intensely red Mario-themed Switch will be available February 12th

We finally have our first proper look at Bowser's Fury, the expansion coming alongside the port of Super Mario 3D World for Nintendo Switch, and it features a friendly Bowser Jr., as well as Kaiju-sized versions of Bowser and Cat Mario. This special edition hardware will be available through select retailers beginning February 12 at a suggested retail price of $299.99.

The footage shows gameplay taking place in a watery world full of brand new challenges exclusive to Bowser's Fury, including special question marks that can only be revealed by Bowser Jr's paint brush - similar to the one he used in Super Mario Sunshine. It includes red Joy-Con controllers with blue straps, a blue Joy-Con grip, a red Nintendo Switch dock and a red Nintendo Switch system - making this the first time the Nintendo Switch system itself will be available in a new color!

Two new amiibo figures will be launching alongside the game and available for purchase separately at select retailers. Nintendo completes the look with a red-and-blue carrying case that is unsurprisingly bright but has subtle gray glyphs representing various Mario enemies. If you missed out on the original title when it came to Wii U, it definitely looks like next month will be the flawless time to jump in.

That trailer also shows off a giant version of the game's Bell power-up, which seeming turns our hero into a very big version of Cat Mario.



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