Lucasfilm Games is the new home of Star Wars video games

Star Wars Games Now Labelled Under Lucasfilm Games, Seemingly Dropping EA Banner And Branding

From iconic titles across a multitude of platforms, to cancelled titles like Star Wars: 1313, to the EA era, the Star Wars gaming franchise has been to Hell and back.

Disney announces Lucasfilm Games, which is a new brand where all its video games will be found under.

While it's not much to go on, it looks like the future of Star Wars games (and other Lucasfilm titles) is getting brighter.

Lucasfilm unveiled Lucasfilm Games, an official banner that brings together the world of Star Wars games, with "its look to the future". To mark this new era, Lucasfilm Games launched the social ... It will be interesting to see how Lucasfilm Games operates in the coming years. The idea that Disney would acquire EA is highly unlikely, which leaves gamers to both appreciate the new logo but also wonder what this signals for the future of Star Wars games. Will they some day take up Lucasart's saber and develop games of their own?

Beyond that, however, it seems like it could be a solid indication that they won't be continuing their exclusive licensing deal with EA for Star Wars games once it expires (soon). Perhaps that's just wishful thinking, but aside from the upcoming LEGO Star Wars, there aren't any big Star Wars games that have been revealed on the horizon. What are your thoughts on the creation of Lucasfilm Games, and who would you like to see a Star Wars game from?



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