Link's new Wi-Fi 6e mesh routers look lightning fast

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With Alexa built-in, you can use the Deco Voice X20 to control devices in your home, including both the speaker itself and smart devices that support Amazon Alexa.

The 6 GHz band spans 1,200 MHz giving Wi-Fi 6E compatible devices access to multiple high-bandwidth 160 MHz channels at the same time which will be much appreciated for anyone jumping on the 8K TV bandwagon. This new system is powered by Qualcomm Networking Pro 1210 platform and carries tri-band (2.4GHz, 5GHz, and 6GHz) capacity to cover an area of up to 3,000 square feet. These two are also tri-band routers but not with mesh systems.

Subscribers will be able to install Plume's pluggable Wi-Fi mesh SuperPods and manage their smart home services via the 'WiFi Your Way™' App, Atlantic Broadband says in their press release here.

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Alongside the Deco Voice X20, TP-Link announced a family of Wi0-Fi 6 routers and products, including the AX7800 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6E System (Deco X96), AX5400 Whole Home Mesh WiFi 6E System with Smart Hub (Deco X76 Plus), and 5G Whole Home WiFi 6 Gateway (Deco X80-5G). The DWA-X1850 also features WPA3 Wi-Fi encryption for optimal network and device security. Plume has during the past couple of years been probably the fastest growing startup in the smart home space and is easily one of the most innovative as well as most strategically adept tech startups in existence today. It supports speeds of up to 7,800 Mbps with tri-band Wi-Fi. These products include Deco X96, Deco X76 Plus Mesh models with smart hub, as well as Archer AX96 and Archer AX206 routers with 10GB ports.

As part of the entirely virtual CES, TP-Link has announced a whole host of new routers. 6E routers are only just arriving this year, so you can expect some of the best bandwidth and lowest latency ever - though we also expect a high price tag. Suitable for both home and workplaces, this network switch has a fanless design.

All of these routers come with the option for a paid HomeShield security subscription, which enables your router to monitor your smart home devices for security issues and block malicious URLs and DDoS attacks. These include routers capable of transmitting in the 6GHz band and one with in-build Alexa voice functionality. It supports download speeds of up to 5Gbps and works with Deco mesh technology. It can also be purchased in a two-pack system at $849.99 (roughly Rs. 62,300) or a three-pack system at $1,199.99 (roughly Rs. 87,900). D-Link applies and supports integrated network solutions that integrate capabilities in switching, wireless, broadband, IP monitoring and cloud-based network management.



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