LG's first rollable phone confirmed to launch later this year

LG Just Teased Its Rollable Smartphone At CES 2021

The rollable screen phone doesn't get its own video, or even any formal acknowledgement, but if you persevere to the last few seconds of the press release vid, you'll see a handheld device that magically changes shape before your very eyes.

This isn't the first time we're seeing a concept smartphone with a rollable display - TCL said it was working on a similar concept phone previous year, and Oppo even went ahead and showed us a working concept phone with a rollable display a few months back. For what it's worth, the LG Wing was once a part of this project too - fingers crossed. This device did not have a name back then.

LG's rollable smartphone is now in the concept stage, so nothing has been finalized.

The clip features a smartphone held in landscape orientation as the display rolls in from an expanded tablet-style form factor screen into a more compact chassis.

During the opening of Jin-hong Kim's (SVP, Head of LG's Global Marketing Center) presentation, the scene was shown through a smartphone which expands from a smartphone to a tablet. The foldable screen is wrapped up into the edge and it extends to provide users a bigger tablet-like experience.

These questions and many others will hopefully be answered later this year when/if the LG Rollable makes it to market.

"The LG Rollable smartphone made an appearance at CES, briefly demonstrating its unique resizable screen". It's now merely a part of LG's Explorer Project that examines ways to "breathe new life into what makes a smartphone". It will join the likes of Oppo and TCL, who have also shown similar prototypes in the past and at this year's CES respectively.



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