LG Display Unveils Upgraded OLED TV Panel, Expanded Product Lineup


Google has previously announced that Stadia support will be added to Android TV devices in the first half of 2021. This AI is how the LG TVs can determine what kind of game is being played, and that same technology is also applied to TV shows and movies. You just need to have one of its products.

LG has announced a partnership with Google that will see Google Stadia come to webOS smart TVs later this year.

Stadia has something of a sleeker interface, as well as a stylish Stadia controller, but GeForce Now's lack of upfront fees may tempt many to opt for it over Google's service.

The monitor appears to be positioned as a direct rival to Dell's newly-announced UltraSharp 40 Curved WUHD, which shares the same panel and similar specifications.

The new webOS full page is topped by an info and search bar, followed (in descending order) by rails for curated content, the home dashboard, Live TV, specific LG channels, sports, and then streaming channel highlights from Netflix and Disney+.

The company said overseas launch schedules of LG Signature OLED R have not been fixed yet due to the Covid-19 situation in each country.

LG is making TVs that support resolutions up to 8K

Created to pair perfectly with the new OLED TV models, LG's latest soundbars are another demonstration of the company's environmentally-conscious approach to manufacturing. It does, however, seemed to have lain the groundwork for more fruitful collaboration between Nvidia and LG.

But access won't be available anytime soon.

Big news on the OLED front is a new screen size, and an improved OLED panel design boasting greater luminosity.

LG in October previous year launched the world's first rollable TV in South Korea at a jaw-dropping price of $87,000 (about Rs 63.9 lakh) as the tech giant aims to target high-end consumers amid the pandemic.

That likely means that the compatibility list of TVs is pretty widely varied. LG's other UltraFine monitors that do not feature the more expensive OLED technology have typically retailed for over $1000, and OLED televisions can cost up to twice as much as LED/LCD equivalents.



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