Intel Rocket Lake-S chipsets to be available in Q1 2021

Intel Core processors

Intel introduced new N-series Intel Pentium Silver and Celeron processors with an unmatched balance of performance, media and collaboration for education systems.

The Santa Clara, Calif. -based company made the disclosure during its virtual CES 2021 keynote and said production of the processors - the first to use the chipmaker's 10-nanometer process - are slated to ramp up over the course of the first quarter.

For the desktop PC enthusiasts, Intel teased its Rocket Lake Core i9-11900K CPU supporting PCIe 4.0 and bumping up the IPC (instructions per cycle) by 19% in an attempt to ultimately snatch back the gaming crown from AMD.

In addition to significantly increasing the core counts, Intel said the new Ice Lake processors will also bring big gains in performance, integrated AI and security. The latter is basically vPro plus Intel's current Evo platform. The new CPUs also enable faster DDR4 3200MHz and DDR4x 4266MHz memory.

Intel 10-nanometer (nm) SuperFin technology, delivering industry-leading performance, Intel® Iris® X graphics and the world's biggest Wi-Fi improvement in 20 years - with integrated Intel® Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+) that enables up to six times faster uploads and downloads in the office and almost three times faster speeds at home versus standard Wi-Fi 5. Despite that, the company promises that the overall performance will be better in the 11th generation models. It performs 23% faster when using Microsoft Office and 2.3x faster video or photo editing.

These processors jump to a new Intel 500 chipset, but they'll be backward compatible with Intel 400 chipset motherboards. According to him, the processor is a significant breakthrough in x86 architecture as it combines high performance cores and high efficiency cores into a single product for the first time. Of these, one will focus on high-performance while the other on high efficiency. Since then more than 50 different Intel Evo certified Windows laptops have shipped, and soon we'll begin to see Evo certified Chromebooks as well.

Finally, Intel offered a preview of its next major chip release, its hybrid Alder Lake chipset that succeeds the Lakefield processor launched a year ago.



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