Elton John motivated Victoria Beckham's decision to 'step away' from Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham Opens Up On Quitting Spice Girls & More

He performed 'Tiny Dancer, ' as if it were the first time, and you [realized] this was like oxygen for him. It was a life changing moment-while singing and dancing was fun for you, it was not your passion.

Victoria Beckham has cited Elton John's passion for performing as a motivation for her to "step away" from the Spice Girls.

Victoria Beckham, also known as Posh Spice in the band Spice Girl, has recently revealed what drove her decision to step away from being part of one of the world's biggest bands in the 90s.

Formed in 1994, the Spice Girls included Beckham as Posh Spice, Melanie Brown as Scary Spice, Mel C as Sporty Spice, Emma Bunton as Baby Spice, and Geri Halliwell as Ginger Spice. "It was a life-changing moment", the television personality explained.

She admitted that at the time, closing such a massive chapter in her life that defined her in such a way, was terrifying.

Victoria stayed with the group until their 2012 reunion ended.

In the letter, the mom of four noted she then "started your quest to uncover your own dreams". But you're right, and we're still really close.

The singer went on to start her own fashion empire since she became a very successful designer and talked about that as well, among many other things. "Always remember your mantra", she shared, "'Work hard and be kind.' Do you have this embroidered on a pillow yet?"

Beckham wished she could ask her future self about all the new passions she discovers in the years ahead and how many anniversaries she gets to celebrate alongside husband David Beckham. She didn't join them on their 2016 reunion or the 2019 concert tour. I hope you're reading this on a beach, surrounded by all the people that you love! However, she's proved time and again that she's not afraid to get out of her comfort zone.



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