D.C. cops to Trump supporters: Don't bring guns to town

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Some Republican senators and congressmen in recent days have vowed not to affirm those results, as Trump has repeatedly attacked the election results with unsubstantiated claims of fraud.

Tarrio had told the Washington Post last month that he was among those who burned the banner.

The District has some of the United States' strictest gun laws, and forbids open carry of weapons or possession of a handgun without a local license. The park police will be working with D.C. police officers, she said.

Trump has repeatedly encouraged this week's protests and hinted that he may get personally involved. No National Guard helicopters were requested by Bowser.

So far, multiple legal challenges have failed in the courts, including two Supreme Court challenges.

About 340 Guard members will be in D.C.at traffic control points and Metro stations identified by Metro police, Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Craig Clapper told Military.com, adding that personnel will be in uniform but will not carry weapons or protective equipment.

People are allowed to protest in Washington but authorities won't allow them "to incite violence", Bowser said Monday.

According to a USA defence official, Mayor Bowser has requested to have National Guard members on the streets from Tuesday to Thursday to help with the protests.

"They will not be armed. and they will not be wearing body armor", Clapper said.

A planned protest will occur on Wednesday's congressional meeting to certify President-elect Joe Biden's victory over President Donald Trump. Bowser and other city officials warned the crowds were expected to be larger than other pro-Trump demonstrations in Washington since the November election and they could become violent. Contee said Guard troops will also be used for some crowd management.

Acting Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said the Guard troops would work with police from Tuesday until protests die down at the end of "the lifecycle of this event".

The activation of 1,600 D.C. guardsmen last summer during Black Lives Matter protests proved controversial as Bowser had said at the time that she had not requested their activation.

The defense official said that there will be no active duty military troops in the city, and the USA military will not be providing any aircraft or intelligence. "Under federal law, it is illegal to possess firearms on the US Capitol grounds and on National Park Service areas, such as Freedom Plaza, the Ellipse, and the National Mall". "We want to make sure that that is not an issue".

The White House has not provided any official schedule, but one person briefed on his plans said Trump will speak to supporters January 6 at the Ellipse, a park just south of the White House.

During the December 12 pro-Trump protests, at least two local Black churches had Black Lives Matter banners torn down and set ablaze.

"We will be incognito and we will spread across downtown DC in smaller teams", he said.

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