Biden tweets about impeachment vote, reminds Senate of 'other urgent business'

'This utter failure is inexcusable': The ten US Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump

Only one president has ever been impeached twice in American history and that's now Donald Trump.

Other officials have been impeached after leaving office in the past, but none were presidents.

The U.S. House voted to impeach President Donald Trump a historic second time on Wednesday, but six representatives from NY state voted against the impeachment.

"I am glad that, unlike the first House impeachment, today's vote was bipartisan".

The trial is most likely to happen after Trump leaves office on January 20. At this point, however, the political implications for the House's action can begin to be assessed.

The House of Representatives started gathering steam in 2019 when a whistleblower alleged Mr Trump had abused the powers of the presidency.

Trump, meanwhile, ignored the House impeachment, and banned from a personal account on his favored social media platform, issued a video-taped statement from the White House, "unequivocally" denouncing violence and saying he was shocked by the "calamity" at the Capitol.

Lynne Cheney, the third-ranking Republican in the chamber and the daughter of former Vice-President Dick Cheney, was the most notable defection. "He did not. There has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States of his office and his oath to the Constitution".

The matter will now move to the US Senate for a trial that could result in a conviction with the support of 2/3rd of its members present and voting, followed by debarment from office (which requires only a simple majority). Battle lines within the party, even tentative ones, are being drawn. On one hand is continued allegiance to the president's brand of politics - one that created a new coalition of voters that delivered the White House and Congress in 2016, but lost both in 2020.

Trump will no longer be the USA president as of January 20, so what's the point of impeaching him now?

These are the House Republicans who broke ranks and joined the 222 Democrats to make Mr Trump the only president in U.S. history to be impeached twice.

Mr Newhouse, also from Washington, announced his intention to vote for impeachment on the House floor, drawing applause from Democrats. They were indicting Trumpism as a whole.

"Impeachment was a necessity, but it was the beginning, not the end, of the work to combat the forces that led to Trump's rise and empowered his atrocities", Williams said.

In the case of federal judges who were impeached and removed from office, the Senate has taken a second vote after conviction to determine whether to bar the person from ever holding federal office again.

There may be Republicans who want to move on from Trump and Trumpism, but it's clear at least some Democrats in Congress will try to tie the president - and last week's riot - around the neck of the entire Republican Party.

Mr Rice, who is from a SC district where Mr Trump has enjoyed heavy support, was one of the most surprising Republicans to cross the aisle, especially given just last week he voted to object to the certification of Joe Biden's election wins in Arizona and Pennsylvania.

Republicans warned on Wednesday that impeachment would further inflame and divide Americans at a time when the nation needs to heal.

"Given the rules, procedures, and Senate precedents that govern presidential impeachment trials, there is simply no chance that a fair or serious trial could conclude before President-elect Biden is sworn in next week", McConnell said in a statement. The next month, the Republican-controlled Senate cleared Trump of all charges. This will also help Biden getting confirmations of his cabinet picks.

Biden has asked whether the Senate could conduct a part-time trial of Trump, working on confirmations and legislation when it is not sitting as a jury for the ex-president.



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