Azealia Banks Reportedly Cooks A Dead Cat After Digging It Up

Azealia Banks Sparks Concern By Digging Up And 'Cooking' Dead Cat

U.S. rapper Azealia Banks has left fans in shock after posting a video on her social media where she claims to be digging up and cooking her dead cat.

"My Dear kitty", Banks captioned one of the videos, according to the Daily Mail. The 29-year-old rapper recently posts videos of exhuming the remains of her dead cat and then boiling it in a pot to "bring her back to life". Azealia bought the cat in 2009, and unfortunately, her pet must have died in 2020. Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon. "Forever a serval serves".

In the videos, Azealia Banks is seen to be happily going about her ritual.

The horrifying video shocked users on Instagram and the posts were immediately deleted from her stories feed after pushback from her followers.

In 2019, Banks found herself at the centre of a media storm after calling Irish women "ugly" following an altercation with a staff member on an Aer Lingus flight as she flew into Dublin to perform a gig at Vicar Street.

The social media response to her video was not positive.

Due to this horrifying act, many fans now suggest banning her Instagram account. She further commented on how certain races have a history of beings "seers, diviners, witches and wizards". The clip soon disappeared from her Instagram, but re-emerged on Twitter shortly after. "In case you didn't know, brujeria is the Spanish word for witchcraft".

It can also be remembered that singer Sia called out the attention of Banks through a post also and said, "Sacrificing animals is the wackiest sh- I've ever heard".



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