Apple has a "big announcement" tomorrow and it isn't a new product

Tim Cook teases Wednesday announcement, calls for capitol siege accountability

Today CBS This Morning shared a short clip of an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook that will be airing tomorrow morning in which it also dropped the news that Apple is poised to make a "big announcement" tomorrow.

In the video, CBS Gayle King speaks briefly with Cook following violence at America's Capitol building last week.

In a tweet last week, Cook called the insurrection "a sad and shameful chapter in our nation's history", and Apple has since banned Parler, the social media app that was used to coordinate the attacks in Washington, DC. King also clarified that it isn't a new product but it is "something bigger and better" that is very exciting. Furthermore, Cook states that "no-one is above the law" when asked whether President Trump should be held responsible. It's something I think bigger and better than that.

It's not clear yet what this interview is about and all that King has said that it is going to be regarding a significant company announcement. "I mean, that's a great thing about our country, and we're a rule of law country", Cook said. "This is something we've got to be very serious about, and understand, and then we need to move forward". "I think holding people accountable is important". "I don't think we should let it go", Cook added.

"And over the weekend, Apple banned the social media app Parler from the App Store after it failed to remove content that promoted violence".

Interestingly, the interview itself was held with the CBS team setting up at the local Apple Store, rather than within their studio, while Cook remained at Apple Park in Cupertino.

No further information on Apple's announcement has been made available.



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