Apple blocks sideloading of iOS apps on M1 Macs

VLC media player adds native support for Apple's M1 Macs

Running natively in this way is reliant on developers making the necessary changes to their creations which can then be installed via the Mac App Store. So substantially so that I'm not even going to mention the Intel Macs Apple launched before in the calendar year people are just holdovers till the M1 variations land.

The new build brings the long-awaited native support for the Apple Silicon, included in the latest generations of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 "and Mac Mini".

Because Apple moves its complete lineup of Macs mainly to M1 chips, hopefully, the developers will make the apps available.

However, lots of developers Act Unsubscribe for numerous factors: because they did not imagine that the software would deliver a excellent consumer experience on laptops or desktops Due to the fact it provides desired different strategies to obtain services or content on Mac gadgets Because they will not have time to help an further system Or numerous other reasons. But two months ago, the trainer Reddit The consumer shared a way to obtain these apps on Mac M1 by retrieving the app's IPA file from a related iOS or iPadOS product utilizing a 3rd celebration program these as iMazing for Mac.

According to an exclusive report from 9to5Mac, the company has updated its server to simply reject apps which are otherwise not compatible with the Mac machine.

On the other hand, someone says Apple has already resolved the issue in the most recent beta version of macOS Big Sur, though, at this point, no confirmation in this regard is available. In fact, it presents an error message at the latter: "This app can not be installed because the developer did not intend to run it on this platform".

The workaround, unfortunately, is super inconvenient, as users can just disable Fast User Switching or turn to the aforementioned lid closing/reopening trick for the whole thing. For example, an alternate version of the IPA file method described above can also be used to download pirated versions of apps instead of files from the legally and legally installed versions on iOS or iPadOS devices.



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