KFC Enters the Gaming World With the KFConsole

Finger-clicking goodness: KFConsole based on Intel NUC 9 Extreme and Asus RTX 2070 GPU is real and comes with a built-in chicken warmer

Tom's Hardware reports that KFC and Cooler Master actually plan to bring this thing to market in the future.

The new KFC console has been disclosed, and the fast-food stuff company has jokingly uncovered that the likes of the PS5 and Xbox Collection X encounter authentic level of competition. However, gamers thought the multifaceted machine was a goof until the makers clarified that it was, in fact, the real deal on Tuesday. That said, while the KFConsole is basically just a marketing stunt, Intel's claim that it's a real product that truly works is unwavering.

It's worth noting that the device doesn't cook your chicken; it merely keeps it warm.

Instead, the "genius" (and I think you'll agree that certain world leaders have encouraged us to use that word much more loosely than in days of yore) of the KFConsole is that it will keep your delivery food warm while you game. KFC and Cooler Master used that heat to keep their chicken chamber warm.

Cooler Master also boasted that the KFConsole is VR Ready and supports Ray Tracing, 240 FPS with up to 240 GHZ for smooth 4K TV gaming. There's no price listing or buy option for the KFConsole at this point, but you can check it out in all of its chicken-heating and gaming glory. The chain squawked onto Twitter today as the proud new producer of the farm-fresh melding of cuisine and console gaming you see here.

For the raytracing performance, let us hope that KFC and Cooler Master has specced a so far unannounced Dual Mini RTX 30 graphics card as Ampere is noticeably better in this regard.

Yes, KFC has announced its own video game console. Which means you gotta either suffer with increasing hunger pangs - or pause your game to go warm up some kind of food. It will contain a Intel Nuc 9 extreme compute element along with two Seagate BarraCuda 1TB SSD.

The cost and release date of KFConsole have not been announced yet.

After teasing the KFConsole for a release on 11 December, the KFConsole has been launched. "Utilising the systems natural heat and airflow system you can now focus on your gameplay and enjoy hot, crispy chicken between rounds", explains the promotional blurb.



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