Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Starts Online Facility For COVID-19 Vaccine Registration

President Hassan Rouhani says the vaccine could be more costly and delayed but it ‘will certainly happen

The first doses, however, are limited to almost 10,000 doses in most countries, with the mass vaccination programs expected to begin only in January.

The province held its first COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Miramichi Regional Hospital on Saturday (Dec. 19).

Furey also said the province expects another shipment of the vaccine later in the month.

The first formally approved batch of COVID-19 vaccine to arrive in Latin America was met with ceremonies fitting a VIP on Wednesday: flags, television cameras and Cabinet-level dignitaries lined up along the runway in Mexico.

The distribution of the Pfizer-BioNTech shot presents tough challenges because it uses new mRNA genetic technology, which means it must be stored at ultra-low temperatures of around -80 degrees Celsius (-112°F).

"We have 19,500 doses in total, which amounts to 3,900 vials".

This will be followed by a mass ramp-up as more vaccines become available, and then open access. The French medical safety agency will monitor for eventual problems. A first case was identified in France on Friday.

"The training includes all operational aspects of training like organisation of vaccination sessions, use of Co-WIN IT platform for the management of the entire vaccination process, deployment of HR Cold chain preparedness, management of adverse events, communications and intersectoral coordination, biomedical waste management, infection prevention protocols, etc.", the Ministry said in a press release.

But large-scale inoculations for residents and staff in France's 7,000 elderly care homes will not begin until early 2021. The reported death toll rose by 240 to 29,422.

"The whole country witnessed the plane with the first supply of doses of the Sputnik V vaccine landing at Ezeiza International Airport on Christmas Eve, hoping for a new epoch coming soon", Dmitriev said.

"There may be a few hiccups at one point or another in the beginning, but that is quite normal when such a logistically complex process begins", said Health Minister Jensen Spahn. "Here is the key to getting our lives back".

On Tuesday, Chief Public Health Officer Heather Morrison said 1,500 health-care workers have received their first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.



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