You can now schedule Google Assistant commands for smart lights

Google Assistant Finally Lets You Schedule Lights On and Off

Users on Reddit have noticed the new ability to ask their Google Assistant to turn on a light or lamp at a specific time, the ability to have that command be performed a certain time from now and the ability to have a command occur for a specific amount of time. These included a new Scheduled Actions feature that would allow users to ask the Assistant to turn on/off or start/stop a compatible smart device at any time of their choosing.

Google's first smart speaker, the Google Home, debuted in 2016, and it's taken four years for Google to add a single feature in its digital assistant that I would consider essential for anyone looking to control their smart home - specifically, their lights. You can also schedule an action for the next day by using commands like: "OK Google, turn on [device name] at 10 AM tomorrow" or "Hey Google, turn off [device name] at 9 PM on Wednesday". That allows you to say "Hey Google, turn on the lights at 7 AM", for example. Now though, the assistant has got a little smarter and can schedule smart lights - albeit with a few limitations still in place for now. Although fairly limited, as repeated actions aren't possible yet, we can see use in asking the Assistant to switch on a garden sprinkler later in the week if you are away on vacation.

Based on a Google Developers page, it appears events may be terminated with a simple request: "Hey Google, cancel my scheduled actions" or "remove my [insert device name]'s schedule". Folks have also discovered features like sunrise/sunset triggers ("turn on the lights at sunset") and duration times ("turn on the lights for 15 minutes"). Also, while you would think that it would be easy to replicate this process for devices that aren't lights, such as a smart plug, that doesn't appear to be working yet, either. For instance, if you say "tomorrow" without mentioning a specific time, it will just acknowledge the command but do nothing.



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