WhatsApp announces new storage management feature


A preview tool for media files is available as well, allowing users to see what they're deleting at a glance. Users can use the new storage management tool to identify, review, and bulk delete items that they no longer need and free up storage on their smartphones. So if you haven't received the feature you must get the update later this week. Right now, it's a hassle to delete unwanted WhatsApp forwards and media files in bulk.

WhatsApp will roll out this feature globally in the coming weeks.

The latest feature has a new storage bar at the top that shows how much space is being used by chats and media shared on WhatsApp.

As per a recent tweet from WhatsApp, the redesigned Storage Usage section is rolling out to users with the latest stable update.

WhatsApp has confirmed that the new storage management tools are rolling out to users worldwide this week although there's no exact date revealing when everyone will have access to the upgrade.

The new tool, which can arrange large files in size order, should make it much easier to spot that large file and delete it without wiping out an entire chats, or entire collection of videos from a chat.

How to delete multiple junk messages on WhatsApp using the new storage management tool?

You will also see a warning message at the top of your screen when your device storage is nearly full and you might need to free up some space to download content on WhatsApp.

The "Suggested clean up" section that we saw in the beta release has been renamed to "Review and delete items"; however, it serves the same objective. The last section remains the same, and it shows a list of chats occupying the most space on your device.



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