UK Mom gives birth to twins while in COVID coma

Covid-19: Twins delivered in Birmingham while mother in coma

The twins were discharged after spending 116 days in hospital and are "getting better as the days go by", Mrs Uke said.

The doctor from Birmingham City Hospital started to feel unwell in late March. She was admitted to hospital in Birmingham UK.

As her condition deteriorated, Dr Uke was placed on a ventilator in a medically induced coma.

A hospital consultant who woke up from a coma to discover she'd given birth to twins says it's a "miracle" they're both safe and well.

The due-date was mid-July, but the babies were born in just 26 weeks.

The children, Sochica Palmer and Ocinachi Pascal, weighed only 765 grams (27oz) and 850 grams (30oz) at birth. They were taken to a neonatal intensive care unit at Birmingham Women's hospital while Uke recovered.

On April 26 the news the family had been praying for happened.

Covid-19: Twins delivered in Birmingham while mother in coma

"When they showed me the pictures, they were so tiny, they didn't look like human beings, I couldn't believe they were mine", she said. "I was really anxious and disorientated". "The idea she might not be there was really hard to accept". 'I couldn't see my bump and I thought my babies were gone, ' she said.

After coming off ventilation, the mother was transferred to Ward 515 at the QE, and subsequently to Ward 3 at the Women's Hospital to continue her rehabilitation and, for the first time, met her babies in their incubators.

"It was a very, very worrying time for my husband and kids and, even after I woke up, I couldn't see my babies for more than two weeks". "The family are now all together, and we're all very, very happy".

"I thought I'd lost my pregnancy because I couldn't see my bump any more".

The twins, Palmer and Pascal, continued to be cared for round the clock in the NICU, making progress each day before they were well enough to join their family.

Perpetual Uke with her husband and their children. It was such a pleasure for us to care for this wonderful family and we have the upmost admiration for them'.



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