Teen Charged With Killings at Kenosha Protest Posts $2M Bail

Kyle Rittenhouse carries a weapon as he walks along Sheridan Road in Kenosha Wis. during a night of unrest following the weekend police shooting of Jacob Blake. The way his lawyers tell it the teenager wasn't

Kyle Rittenhouse, the teen facing homicide charges for the deaths of two people fatally shot in Kenosha, Wisconsin, acquired his gun using coronavirus stimulus money, he said in an interview published Thursday.

Rittenhouse, who is from IL, had connections to Kenosha through his 18 year-old-friend Dominick Black. "I would've died that night if I didn't".

During the interview, the Post also learned that Rittenhouse, who was too young to purchase a firearm himself, had arranged for an adult friend to buy it with government stimulus money Rittenhouse had received.

Rittenhouse's friend Dominick Black, who has been charged with two counts of intentionally giving a unsafe weapon to a person under the age of 18 causing death, allegedly bought and stored the alleged murder weapon for Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse, who at 17 was too young to buy a rifle, had an adult friend purchase the AR-15 for him using stimulus money he got through an IL unemployment program when he was furloughed due to the pandemic.

Rittenhouse, of Antioch, Ill., told police he was attacked while he was guarding a business and that he fired in self-defence.

Rittenhouse told the newspaper that he didn't regret that he had a gun with him that night.

"It made me feel like I was making a positive impact on the community", he said. The next day, he said, he went into downtown Kenosha to help clean up businesses that had been burned and damaged and clean graffiti from a vandalized school.

"I was going into a place where people had guns and God forbid somebody brought a gun to me and chose to shoot me, like I, like I wanted to be protected, which I ended up having to protect myself", he said.

Rittenhouse, meanwhile, was extradited to Wisconsin late last month and is awaiting trial on charges that could put him in prison for life. I'm not mad at the police. His attorneys say Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense.

She said that she did not check in with her son until around midnight and he responded that he was "doing medic" duties, the Tribune reported.

He is accused of shooting and killing Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, on August 25 near 63rd Street and Sheridan Road in Kenosha during civil unrest sparked by the Jacob Blake shooting.



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