Spotify adds support for direct audio streaming to Apple Watch

Apple Watch Now Supports Standalone Spotify Streaming

Spotify's Apple Watch app is getting the option to stream music or podcasts without connecting to an iPhone.

It also helps the Apple Watch realize more of its potential to be a wearable that can temporarily replace your smartphone. But that changed on Tuesday.

Spotify is now rolling out support for standalone Apple Watch streaming via the Spotify app for Apple Watch.

Furthermore, if you are unable to use the new feature, then no need to stress; it is in a beta state at the moment, so it may take a little while until a mainstream launch is completed. According to reports, the company has been testing the new feature since past few months and before this, listening to Spotify required an ‌iPhone‌ even on cellular Apple Watch models. And those who are interested will still have to install the iPhone app to put it on their watchOS device.

Spotify has been far behind other streaming services on adding support for direct music streaming to the Apple Watch. This service costs $9.99 per month. However, offline listening still doesn't seem to be an option on Apple Watch yet.

The platform lets users listen to audio such as music or podcasts on Spotify directly on their Apple Watch through a Wi-Fi connection or using mobile internet without the need to be connected to an iPhone.

German site Macerkopf reported that multiple users were seeing the feature show up on their Apple Watch. So, users won't have to carry the phone along for runs or walks, and can simply rely on the Apple Watch.



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