Putin says ready to work with any US leader, wants formalities settled

Not ready to recognise Biden’s victory, says Putin, will wait for ‘results to be confirmed’

Putin's remarks broadcast on Sunday on state television reiterate earlier Kremlin comments on why Putin had not congratulated Joe Biden after major news organisations called him president-elect, as did many other world leaders.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Russia is willing to work with any USA leader, but still isn't ready to recognise the election victory of Joe Biden until the victor is formally decided, The News reported, citing foreign media on Monday.

Putin, speaking further during an interview on Russian state TV explained that he will work with whoever becomes the U.S. president.

Asked if holding back on congratulating Biden would worsen relations with the United States, Putin responded drily: "You can't spoil a spoiled relationship, it is already spoiled". While US officials say the vote was "the most secure in American history", Trump has refused to hold back on his claims that the election was "rigged", taking to Twitter to announce, "I won this election, by a lot!".

The Russian president's remarks come amid Donald Trump's refusal to acknowledge the outcome of the U.S. presidential election by making a concession speech. But who will be given this trust? As for congratulations, he insisted it "should be either done in line with political tradition when one of the sides acknowledges the victory of the other or when the final outcome of the vote is recognized in a legitimate and legal way", reported TASS.

Trump, who is yet to concede defeat and has been making unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud, received a slap in the face after a Pennsylvania federal judge threw out his lawsuit challenging Biden's win.



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