Pizza restaurant worker’s lie led to South Australia lockdown, officials say

South Australian Premier Steven Marshall announces restrictions being eased in South Australia after a lie the discovery that a man misled contact tracers

Earlier on today, having called an end to the lockdown, Marshall told reporters: "To say I am fuming about the actions of this individual is an absolute understatement".

Marshall said a man had claimed to have contracted the virus after a brief visit to a pizza parlour hotspot, leaving authorities concerned the strain was much more contagious than originally believed. On Friday, the ban on outdoor exercise and dog walking was lifted when the news of an infected pizza shop worker came out.

But further investigation revealed he in fact worked part-time at the restaurant and had picked it up from a colleague.

South Australia is "not out of the woods yet" the premier has said, as the state enters its third day of lockdown.

"Had this person been truthful. we would not have gone into six-day lockdown", said Stevens.

The state premier, Steven Marshall, told a media conference in Adelaide that a man at a pizza bar linked to the outbreak had "deliberately misled" contact tracers, telling them he had only bought a pizza there, when he had actually worked several shifts at the outlet alongside another worker who tested positive.

"This was taken off as of midnight last night, but I do need to emphasise we still do have high level restrictions in place over and above where we were at this time last week".

Unable to get a flight home in time to beat the Tuesday quarantine lockout, Ms Fuller said she couldn't trust "the sporadic government border decisions" and had to risk heading straight home.

"The Emergency Management Act requires people to provide information upon request", said Stevens.

There have now been more than 5400 close contacts identified to the cluster in Adelaide with Professor Spurrier saying more positive cases are to be expected.

No new cases of locally-acquired COVID-19 have been uncovered, including those connected to the Parafield Gardens cluster.

"The second effect of that lie is this person has numerous associates, persons of interest that we are now trying to identify and locate that we would not have had to do so had they been truthful from the beginning", he said.

The South Australian police have since deployed a 20-strong task force of senior detectives to investigate whether the man had any criminal motives.

Why was the six-day lockdown in South Australia cut short?

"The expert health advice we have received is that we are still managing a very risky cluster and although we are reducing those restrictions, we are still very concerned about this cluster".



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