NYPD releases photos of suspect in NYC subway shove

Woman Struck by Train After Man Pushes Her Onto Tracks in 'Unprovoked Attack'

In a miraculous twist, a 40-year-old woman survived a fall after being shoved into the tracks as a train approached the platform in a NY subway.

Judge Keisha Espinal ordered him held without bail after prosecutors said that he had a history of arrests in Illinois, Missouri and Florida states. The woman fell between the train tracks and narrowly survived the incident with no major injuries.

"What I remember, when I arrived there, I wanted to listen to my Bible, so I put it on this one, and it's the last thing that I remember", Sagbaicela said.

The woman was rescued with the help of medical personnel and emergency services. Witnesses say she was waiting for the train when Vemulapati approached her, appearing to talk to himself.

She said she only realized what had taken place when she came round at Bellevue Hospital, where she was treated for a head injury.

After shoving the woman, Vemulapati saw the police approaching and laid down on the platform. Police are saying Vemulapati is emotionally disturbed.

Llanos, who was taken to a hospital, sustained minor cuts to her head and body.

Sagbaicela, a housekeeper who lives in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, said she thought she had fainted and fallen onto the tracks.

"The perpetrator had no contact with the victim and no words were exchanged", O'Reilly said.

The NBC report added that the incident marked the second subway push arrest made on Thursday.

Surveillance footage posted to social media shows the man pacing back and forth on the northbound 4/5/6 platform at 14th Street-Union Square just before 8:30 on Thursday morning before running at the 40-year-old woman and pushing her onto the tracks.

Police said Justin Pena attacked the victim after the man refused to give him money. "We have got folks in this city who desperately need mental health care".

The transit system's Acting President Sarah Feinberg said, "This city has a mental health crisis right now".



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