Netflix Removes "Chappelle's Show" Because Dave Chappelle Wasn't Being Paid

Dave Chappelle

The streaming service removed Chappelle's Show from its library after Dave Chappelle publicly complained that he wasn't receiving any royalties for the deal, according to reports from Deadline.

This morning, Chappelle took to Instagram to post an 18-minute video titled Unforgiven, in which he breaks down the payment dispute and reveals his shock in discovering that Netflix, a longtime collaborator of his, was streaming the show.

In short, Dave explained that he has no rights to his eponymous series and that, due to the deal he signed at the time, it belongs to Comedy Central and Viacom. In a video released on his Instagram Tuesday, Chappelle explains he wants to be paid properly for the streaming rights to the show and his likeness even though he admits he signed a contract with the company in the early 2000s granting them rights to his show and likeness. [ViacomCBS] didn't have to pay me because I signed the contract.

"But is that right?"

'I called them and I told them that this makes me feel bad, ' he said while smoking a blunt. Perfectly legal because I signed the contract. Because Chappelle has demonstrated time and again that he's a sharp-minded force to be reckoned with and I pity whoever thinks that they can take advantage of his talents. That's why I fuck with Netflix.

He then praised Netflix, because "when all those bad things happened to me", they didn't exist. "Netflix started streaming a show that bears my name, Chappelle Show". How could they not- how could they not know? "If you ever liked me, if you ever think there was anything worthwhile about me", Chappelle says, "I'm begging you, please don't watch that show. They agreed that they would take it off their platform just so I could feel better", he added.

"That's why I f-- with Netflix", Chappelle added.

"You're not supposed to do this in my business", he says. "I believe that they gave me a raw deal because this. industry is a monster". The sites that license the show from rights holders ViacomCBS are essentially "fencing stolen goods", Chappelle said. After his agents said there was nothing he could legally do about the situation because of the contracts he signed he said he is now "begging" his "real boss" - i.e. his fans - not to watch the show.

He also shared that before going to Comedy Central, he pitched Chappelle's Show to HBO and the executives callously asked him 'what do we need you for?'

Chappelle has been working with Netflix for several years and has churned out multiple hit stand-up comedy specials for them.

It is still available to stream on Comedy Central (with cable subscription) and subscription streaming services CBS All Access and HBO Max.



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