Kristen Stewart opens up about playing Princess Diana in new movie

Queen Elizabeth

A casting notice for the new drama, in which Kristen Stewart will play Princess Diana, has stated that those holding British-only passports will be unable to apply for the film.

The movie will be directed by Jackie's Pablo LarraĆ­n, who has described Spencer as a "fairytale upside down".

Casting director Amy Hubbard shared a casting call on Twitter, seeking someone to play the Duke of Cambridge at the age of 11.

Although the film is set at Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham estate over three days during Christmas in the early 1990s, when Diana's marriage to Prince Charles was coming to an end, it is to be filmed in Germany with EU-based financiers.

It then goes onto specify that the actor must have a European, and not a British European, passport due to the forthcoming Brexit rules. "It's common on films that the passport for significant characters needs to match that of the financiers".

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the 30-year-old opened up about playing the late princess.

In a separate interview with "Jimmy Kimmel Live", Stewart said she was really young when Princess Diana died in a vehicle accident in Paris in August 1997. In an interview with InStyle, she said "The accent is intimidating... because people know that voice, and it's so, so distinct and particular".

"My movie takes place over three days, and it's this really poetic internal imagining of what that might have felt like rather than giving new information", Stewart said. "I mean, she was, like, so young". "We kind of don't have a mark to hit, we just also love her". It has been written by "Peaky Blinders" creator Steven Knight.

Glossy Netflix drama The Crown has also introduced Diana in its recent fourth series, with Misbehaviour actor Emma Corrin stepping into her iconic shoes.



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