Google lets you see how crowded your subway line is

Google updates Maps with more COVID info and finally launches its Assistant driving mode		
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These features come at a time when cases are on a surge once again, and fears of bigger spread mount during the winters and the holiday season. Google, which will show more information to users in the COVID-19 information layer in the application, will also pass on local instructions and restrictions. The feature now offers the all-time number of confirmed cases and deaths, with links to local resources.

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over, in fact, cases have spiked in the past few weeks.

Google Maps uses real-time data from other Maps users to work out just how many phones (and therefore humans) are riding the rails at a given time. Mindful clients who wish to stay away might need to evade stuffed transports, and Google Maps will currently begin demonstrating how jam-packed your transport, train, or metro line is correct now dependent on constant input from Google Maps clients around the globe.

After all the news, it is now official that Google Play Store acts as the main source of malware being spread on Android devices around the world.

Image Credits Google Maps
Image Credits Google Maps

Aside from these highlights, clients can likewise observe the live status of takeout and conveyance orders. The platform will also provide expected wait times and delivery fees, and will also help easily reorder favourites right from the Google Maps app.

Finally, the Maps app will display the live status of takeout and delivery food orders in multiple countries including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and the United States. Google says users will have the option to enable the mode via a popup in Maps, or from Google Assistant settings.

Google also said it has started to roll out Google Assistant driving mode in Maps, starting with Android users in English in the U.S. It will allow users to send and receive calls and texts via voice, review new messages across messaging apps in one place, get a read-out of texts and it will alert to an incoming call to let them answer or decline with voice.



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