Fitbit brings Google Assistant and better SpO2 tracking to its newest watches

Fitbit's latest smartwatches have received new features with Fitbit OS 5.1

Fitbit on Thursday rolled out a new feature that provides Google assistant support to Sense and Versa 3 smartwatches in the US. The company still retains a large market share mainly for those less concerned about smartwatch apps and this latest Fitbit OS 5.1 update gives users more things to do with their devices. Additionally, the calling and messaging functionality is also being improved with the update. Unless otherwise noted, the author is writing in his/her personal capacity.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are neck to neck in this market and a few would prefer one over the other depending on the other devices that they have at home. Switch by going to the Fitbit app and finding the Voice Assistant option within your smartwatch model in the account tab.

We also expect that these will not be the last smartwatches from Fitbit to grab Google Assistant support, as Fitbit is Google's company now.

Fitbit OS 5.1 is specific to Fitbit's newest smartwatches and will not be ported to older smartwatches or fitness wearables. Previously, both the Fitbit Versa 3 and Sense would simply display the responses on the screen. The watches also support voice-to-text on Android.

Hands-free Bluetooth calls. Using the devices' microphone and speakers, users can now send incoming calls to voicemail and control volume without reaching for their phone. Which, luckily, this new update enables. That's a great addition. Lastly, the watches' SpO2 blood oxygen tracking no longer requires a special clock face to see blood oxygen data. The most important innovation is the ability to now take pulse oximetry readings when you're sleeping without the use of a dedicated clock face.



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