Disney to lay off 4,000 more at California, Florida parks

Not the happiest place: Disney to lay off 32,000 workers in 2021

This information has been revealed via filing at the Securities and Exchanges Commission in the US.

It takes the number of layoffs in the first half of 2021, mostly at Disney's parks, experiences and products divisions, to 32,000 - more than one tenth of its total workforce. Additionally, as of October 3, 2020, approximately 37,000 employees who are not scheduled for employment termination were on furlough as a result of COVID-19's impact on our businesses.

While the initial 28,000 layoffs exclusively impacted the domestic Disney Parks in the USA, this figure is slightly more vague, affecting employees within the general Parks, Experiences and Products segment, which could be broader layoffs for Cast Members working outside the theme parks.

One of the biggest names in the media and entertainment industry, is firing 32,000 employees in one of the largest ever layoffs.

Disney's theme parks in Florida and those outside the US reopened earlier this year without seeing new major coronavirus outbreaks but with strict social distancing, testing and mask use.

The move comes on the heels of Disney's $4.7 billion loss in the most recent quarter, which reflected the hit to its theme park business and the derailment or postponement of major movie releases.

Disney employs around 203,000 people globally, with around 20 percent part-time workers. Disney's global workforce is comprised of about 80% full-time and 20% part-time workers, with almost 1% of the part-time employees being seasonal.

Drawing millions of tourists each year, Disneyland in Anaheim near Los Angeles is the world's second-most visited theme park, after the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando.



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