Demon's Souls PS5 Mystery Door Has Been Solved

Demons Souls

Bluepoint's remake of Demon's Souls launched alongside Sony's next-gen (now current-gen) console and players quickly discovered a mysterious door that was not present in the original 2009 PS3 game.

We will remind them, shortly after the release of the game, they found a locked door hidden behind an illusory wall.

In order to open the secret door in Demon's Souls on PS5, you need to be playing in Fractured Mode, which is a mirrored mode for the game.

However, despite talks of an easy mode, developer Bluepoint decided it wasn't their place to alter the core gameplay of Demon's Souls in their remake.

Finally, players witnessed what was available on the other side.

Fortunately, streamer and speedrunner Distortion2 has now unlocked the puzzling portal, solving the mystery once and for all. The revelation might not have lived up to its hype, but the satisfaction mostly lies in solving it.

The coins and door also appear to share similar spiral patterns, indicating that there might be some connection. Trying to duplicate Ceramic Coins in multiplayer by dropping them for another player and disconnecting transforms them into Broken Coins, which at this point seem useless.

Distortion2 cleverly noticed that the design on these Ceramic Coins happened to match the design on the mystery door and after trading thirty of these to Sparkly the Crow, an item trader in Shrine of Storms, they received a "Rusty Key". This corpse is wearing the full Penetrator armor set and sword, which is the actual reward.

Moore previously told The Washington Post that although Demon's Souls is a challenging game, he believes it's "actually very fair".

The first mystery might have ended, nonetheless, this only means we are on the path to find the next one.



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