COVID cases among Mayo Clinic workers up nearly 30% in two weeks

Many hospitals were overwhelmed at the start of the pandemic but doctors say the situation has improved

Mayo Clinic says 93% of their positive COVID cases are from community spread, meaning the Mayo employee was infected by someone else in their community and not at Mayo.

More than 900 Mayo Clinic staff members in the Midwest have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in the past two weeks.

"Our staff are being infected mostly due to community spread, and this impacts our ability to care for patients", Luckstein said.

"There are three things you need to take care of any patient, but especially a patient with COVID-19 because they need very specialized care. Our biggest concern is the staff".

Walz said the restrictions are necessary to protect a health care system that is at a breaking point statewide. "We do not want families to be sick". We don't want families to lose loved ones. Other than the issue of drug-resistant bacteria, antibiotics have been presumed safe by most pediatricians, the researchers note.

"We need your help".

The sudden rise in the number of patients has already hit parts of the health system as other facilities prepare for what is coming.

"It shows how widely spread this is in our communities, and how easy it is to get COVID-19 in the communities here in the Midwest", Williams said.

In preparation, the Mayo Clinic Hospital's Saint Marys Campus in Rochester is increasing the number of medical beds to care for patients with and without COVID-19, Williams said.

To help with staffing shortages in the Midwest, the Mayo Clinic is recruiting health care workers back from recent retirement, bringing in staff from other sites (primarily Arizona), temporarily moving research nurses into patient care roles and reducing elective care to redeploy staff to COVID-19 patients, officials said. "And what we are most anxious about is staff". William says there are now about 1500 Mayo Clinic employees in the midwest absent from work due to COVID reasons, which could include being infected, having a family member infected, caring for an ill family member, and having close contact with an infected person.

He said the organization expects hospital admissions rates to increase over the next two to four weeks.

"What we are most anxious about is staff, because we see our staff being exposed and getting COVID-19, mostly in the community".

In the video update, Williams said, we see more patients being transferred from hospitals outside the Mayo Clinic Health System.

"And it just tells us that hospitals elsewhere, in Minnesota, Iowa, Dakota, and neighboring states, are overwhelmed by this increase".



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