BTS drops NEW 'Life Goes On' teaser ahead of 'BE' album launch


Three hours after BE was made accessible on a synchronous overall release, the video for first track Life Goes On - a melody offering a message of expectation even with the Covid pandemic - had been seen very almost 20 million times on YouTube.

The teaser shows the members of BTS gathering around a bonfire outside. As I've stated in previous pieces, the work that BTS have put in made this release much more personal than those of theirs in the past.

Their lyrics are often socially conscious - themes include societal competition and the ills of consumerism - and they consistently engage with fans at home and overseas through social media, having accumulated 30.7 million followers on Twitter.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the album tracks deliver hope, happiness, and the love of BTS for their fans.

The K-Pop septet originally teased BE during a livestream in late July, but there were very little details as to what was to come.

The second unit song, "Stay", includes RM, Jin and Jungkook singing about that want to be around ARMY again and performing for them, but like "Telepathy", they express that even if they are far apart, BTS and ARMY will always be together.

Management company Big Hit Entertainment said it was uncertain whether the BTS performance of "Life Goes On" for the American Music Awards would be live or pre-recorded.

Since their initial stock market debut, Big Hit's shares have fallen back but the firm is still worth around USD6 billion (SGD8 billion).

South Korea requires all physically fit men to serve in uniform to safeguard it against the atomic outfitted North, typically for a year and a half.

South Korean boyband BTS have dropped their album "BE" today.

"As I've said every time, I will accept the call of the country at any time whenever it happens", he added.



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