Bizarre! Now, Chinese Scientists Claim India Origin Of Coronavirus

60-70% of population needs to be immune to curb Covid-19 transmission

Recently, Chinese scientists in a statement said that the virus was developed and released by India. The research, entitled "The Early Cryptic Transmission and Evolution of Sars-Cov-2 in Human Hosts", challenges general orthodoxy among scientists that the virus originated in the wet markets of Wuhan. In stark contrast to the USA and Europe, China - with the world's largest population - has largely returned to normal life and has reported only sporadic coronavirus outbreaks since May. The accusation comes in the backdrop of escalated border-related tensions between India and China. President Trump even told reporters in May he had seen evidence that the virus had originated in a Wuhan lab - though this theory is highly disputed by scientists.

In their paper, the Chinese team use phylogenetic analysis to trace the origins of COVID.

The scientists argue that it should therefore be possible to track down the original version of the virus by finding the sample with the fewest mutations.

The scientists purport that since India and Bangladesh both recorded samples with low mutations and are geographic neighbors, hence the first transmission happened there.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it was reported that coronavirus originated in China.

"The lack of water made wild animals such as monkeys engage in a deadly water battle among themselves, and it was sure to increase the chance of human-wildlife interactions".

"India's poor healthcare system and young population allowed the virus to spread undetected for several months", it concludes.

World Health Organization emergency expert Dr. Mike Ryan told the media early this week that his organisation has had assurance from China that an worldwide field trip to investigate the origins of the new corona virus will be arranged as soon as possible.

However, other researchers were not impressed with the findings. On the campaign trail in August ahead of the U.S. election, President Trump also said it was a "disgrace" that China had limited the spread of the virus at home but allowed it to reach the rest of the world.

"This paper adds nothing to our understanding of SARS-CoV-2".

The University of California scientist Marc Suchard told in South China Morning Post: "Picking a viral sequence that appears to have the least number of differences to the others is unlikely to yield the progenitor".

In a paper published by the scientists at the Shanghai Institute for Biological Sciences it was claimed that virus existed on the Indian subcontinent before the Wuhan outbreak in December past year. China has more or less always been at the centre of this game.

But nobody has been able to identify "patient zero" the first person known to have caught the disease, which means we do not known when or where exactly the first infection occurred.

This is not the first time China has pointed fingers at another country.

The UN agency has tried to temper expectations ahead of the investigation, warning that tracking any new pathogen is a "riddle that can take years to solve".

With the growing tension between India and China, the latest report from the Chinese Academy of Sciences pins the blame for coronavirus on India.

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