Amazon’s Launches Upgraded ‘Echo Frames’; Available Without Invite From December

Amazon Echo Frames are available in three colours- Modern Tortoise Horizon Blue and Classic Black

They were introduced previous year as a Day 1 Edition product and were only available via invitation.

Available now for $249.99 and shipping on December 10, Echo Frames come with non-corrective lenses and are compatible with most prescription lenses, according to Amazon. With Alexa starting its support for the Hindi language past year, Amazon has now begun to update the list of supported languages for Alexa on Fire TV.

The updated Echo Frames have been priced at $249.99, which is roughly around Rs.18,500 and are up for sale at U.S., although their global availability is not clear till now. If you are interested, they are available in three colours - Modern Tortoise, Horizon Blue and Classic Black. Also, a smart ring called Echo Loop with Alexa support will be discontinued.

The Echo Frames promise richer, fuller sound through an improved open-ear technology, as per the listing and the volume can now be set up to automatically adjust at the beginning of the playback based on your listening profile and environmental noise levels.

Amazon claims the glasses' battery life is now up to 40% longer for continuous playback, with the volume jacked up to 60%. The Echo Frames feature 4 micro speakers for beamforming audio to a user's ear.

You will be able to make calls listen to podcasts set reminders add things to your to-do list get the news control smart home devices etc from the Echo Frames

The frames, which come with non-corrective lenses but can accommodate prescription lenses, are available in three colors; they include a microphone and discrete speakers for communicating with Alexa, which is connected to via the Bluetooth of your smartphone.

Like its predecessor, the upgraded pair retains the VIP Filter feature to permit sounds from certain apps and contacts while muting those that you don't want to hear from. They come with a charge cable, plug and case. The product also has a microphone so that the user can send commands to the voice assistant. Read about the new Echo Frames below.

The change will enable users to issue voice commands, like "Alexa, Bangalore ka Mausam batao (What's the weather like in Bangalore)" or ask questions, like "Alexa, Bharat ka Pradhan Mantri Kaun hai?"

These updates mean that Amazon has raised the price a bit - the new edition of Echo Frames will cost $250, up from $180 for the Day 1 edition.



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