Amazon Fire TV Devices Get Alexa in Hindi, Routines Support

Alexa routines can now include Amazon Fire TV commands

"With this update, Alexa on Fire TV will understand customers speaking to her completely in Hindi". Starting today, Amazon customers will be able to include Fire TV commands in their Alexa routines, including those that power on or off the TV, open a Fire TV app, or play, pause, or resume content on the Fire TV. According to Amazon, the experience is available to explore Alexa in Hindi for music, personality, smart home, timers and alarms, weather, news, local search, skills, among other features.

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Users can switch to the Hindi language through their Alexa voice remote by navigating to the Fire TV language settings. Those who choose the option will also see Fire TV rows and menus in Hindi. New users can select Hindi while setting up their new Amazon device.

Amazon announced today it's bringing Alexa Routines - the feature that allows users to create their own Alexa shortcuts that combine multiple actions - to its Fire TV platform. The US company also brought Hindi to Amazon Echo devices in September previous year. You could then say, "Alexa, I'm back", and Alexa will resume your show and turn off your lights.

Customers can also create a Routine so that when they say "Alexa, time for bed", Alexa will turn off their TV and begin dimming their smart lights.

It's a much better standalone speaker for music these days, while it's easier to set up than ever with the help of the Alexa app.

Amazon says the new Alexa Routines update is available across all Fire TV devices. However, if you're using a Fire TV Stick, you'll need a TV that supports Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) to turn your TV on and off as part of a routine.



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