19 killed, 22 injured in Kabul University attack

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The three attackers killed at least 19 people including students before Afghan security forces shot the gunmen dead, authorities said.

The Islamic State affiliate also claimed the earlier attack, on October 24, that killed 24 students at a tutoring center in Kabul's mostly Shiite neighborhood of Dasht-e-Barchi. Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said the gunfire was ongoing.

Daesh later claimed responsiblity for the attack.

The attack on Kabul University, which came as violence surges across Afghanistan, marked the second time in less than two weeks that an educational institution was targeted in the capital by IS extremists.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility but the Taliban issued a statement denying they took part in the assault.

The Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan has declared war on Afghanistan's minority Shiite Muslims and have staged dozens of attacks since emerging in 2014. Afghan education centres have often been targeted by militants in recent years. Islamic State claimed responsibility for that attack, without providing evidence.

Fraidoon Ahmadi, a 23-year-old student, was in class when the gunfire started: "We were very scared and we thought it could be the last day of our lives. Boys and girls were shouting, praying and crying for help", he told the AFP news agency.

"They opened fire. all my classmates were lying in blood, either dead or wounded", one student told a local television channel, adding that he escaped by climbing out a window.

Khalilzad brokered a peace pact with the Taliban that the US signed in February and that was seen at the time as Afghanistan's best chance at peace after more than 40 years of war.

Nowhere and no-one seems secure in Afghanistan's terrifying everyday violence.

At least 25 were killed on Monday by gunmen at the Kabul university.

President Ashraf Ghani said, "We convey a clear message to all terrorist groups including Taliban that such acts of terror and atrocity can never deter the resolve of steel of the great Afghan nation for a peaceful, stable and thriving Afghanistan".

Sami Mahdi, a lecturer at Kabul University said in a tweet: 'I am devastated.

The Afghan government now regards these despicable attacks on civilians as the work of a seamless web of groups with guns determined to wreak havoc and wreck hope in Afghanistan.

That, and the stalled peace talks, have left many wondering: how and when will it ever end?



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