YouTube Music now lets free users download playlists containing uploaded songs

Google Play Music no longer works with smart speakers and other Assistant devices

The Google Play Music Store allowed customers to listen to songs in GPM format.

In a surprising turn of events, Google announced that it's bringing the YouTube Music app to the Apple Watch before Wear OS.

YouTube declared various updates for its YouTube Music TV application, including TVs running Android TV OS and the new Chromecast with Google TV. So, you still have time to transfer all your favorite music collection to YouTube Music as soon as possible.

For those that have been hanging on to their Google Play Music as long as they could their use will now be limited.

But it is perhaps notable that Google will no longer sell music and is moving instead to a fully streaming-based model for music.

Among the new features announced for YouTube Music, users will now be able to easily access their saved playlists and liked songs in the library section on the YouTube Music tab from within the YouTube app on a smart TV. The app does not, however, support downloading songs directly to the watch or to stream directly to the watch.

Further, a new playback interface displays song-related information, and the Android TV home screen presents a new YouTube Music row, to quickly find the next song. A few months ago, Google started sending alerts to its users about the music app being shut down. As you can imagine, this situation has put an end to services such as Google Play Music. If the users don't do anything till the Play Music app becomes unavailable, everything will be deleted automatically by Google. Like other streaming platforms on watchOS, the YouTube Music app is basically a remote for the full app on an iPhone.



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