Xbox Series X/S second chance preorders coming on October 19


The developer also announced the next-gen enhancement's release date, pushing it out to December 8th, almost a month after Beyond Light's launch on November 10th.

The game will still have much faster load times on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S starting immediately when the consoles launch. But those who plan to buy an Xbox Series X, Series S or PlayStation 5 at launch will have to wait about a month before they'll be able to get the most from their new hardware while playing Beyond Light.

Bungie had previously announced Destiny 2's free next-gen update featuring 4K resolution and 60 fps for the consoles, but we now know Destiny 2 PS5 and Xbox Series X versions will also feature a Field of View (FOV) slider.

During a recent interview with Kotaku, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer hinted that future Bethesda games don't need PlayStation 5 in order for the company to make a profit on its purchase of the studio, further implying that those games may never make their way to Sony's console. Bungie says its goal is to offer a similar field of view range as what's available through the PC version of the game, where you can adjust the slider between 55 and 105 degrees. However, there are still some load times that are dependent on networking and matchmaking speeds.

Bungie revealed new details regarding expanded graphical settings for Destiny 2's next-gen launch in a blog post on October 15, 2020.

Faster loading times will affect booting up the game, as well as inspecting your character's inventory.



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