Windows 10 Now Lets You Change the Refresh Rate from Settings Menu

Microsoft patches 87 vulnerabilities in October 2020 Patch Tuesday update

However, gamers, enthusiasts and anyone buying for a goal beyond everyday office productivity and browsing necessity will likely be purchasing a monitor with a much faster refresh rate nowadays. The new option should make switching between refresh rates easier.

So, you plug in your new fast-refresh monitor and set the resolution to match the display, if it isn't automatically done for you.

If you don't just like the latest outcomes function, Microsoft is now additionally permitting customers to show off the function utterly underneath the Settings Search Permissions and History. From this dialogue you can pick text scaling, display resolution, and display orientation, as well as some multi-display options if you have such a configuration.

In other words, if you install an application that adds to the list of programs running when the operating system boots, you should see a toast notification to let you know this happened, with a single click giving you the option to adjust the settings.

Up to this point, the refresh rate adjustment was located at Properties of Display adapter in the Settings and opens a menu where the refresh rate can be changed under the screen tab.

Windows 10 will get some new features that have been leaked on Twitter. The take away button exhibits once you hover your mouse over particular person objects on this record.

While the higher refresh rate is all the rage on smartphones these days, our computers have 120Hz/ 144Hz and now even up to 300Hz screens for quite some time now. "The presented refresh rates can vary with the supported hardware on your device". How does it benefit you?

The most newsworthy fix this month is for the Critical-rated CVE-2020-16898 vulnerability impacting Windows 10 and Windows Server 2019. You also will notice that the recent list still shows the last four items that you've searched for and opened from Windows Search Box. Using this feature, users will be able to use slideshow backgrounds offered through Microsoft Bing.

The patch has received a 9.8/10 severity rating, and it is therefore recommended that users implement the patch to fix this problem - although users can also use workarounds such as disabling ICMPv6 RDNSS support.



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