Wales bars travelers from UK COVID-19 hotspots

A welcome to Wales in Chepstow

The Welsh government is reportedly weighing plans to introduce a fortnight-long "circuit breaker" lockdown, a decision which is likely to be made on Monday, per the BBC (Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also come under increasing pressure to follow suit, but remains committed to the tiered approach for now).

The Welsh Government has said it is preparing "urgent action" to prevent people who live in areas with high coronavirus infection rates across the United Kingdom from travelling to Wales.

The comments from the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) come after the Welsh first minister announced the move was set to come into force at 6pm on Friday.

However at the time of writing no official guidance on how the regulations will work in practice have been published by the Welsh Government.

I remain anxious that, without rapid explanation, this approach risks stirring division and confusion in Wales.

"There has been no formal response from [PM Boris Johnson] to my requests to restrict travel into Wales from coronavirus hotspots", First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford tweeted on Wednesday.

"As a general rule, it is concentrating in urban areas and then spreading to more sparsely populated areas as a result of people travelling", he said.

"This is created to prevent the spread of infection within Wales and to other areas of the UK.

I think that has been very strongly supported by people in Wales, and it just demonstrates the tin ear the Tories have for what matters most to people who live in Wales".

The ban on people visiting Wales from other areas of the United Kingdom with high levels of coronavirus will come into force from 6pm this evening.

"And I'm afraid that is what you get when you vote for socialists". "It is absolutely possible to enforce it and that is not a theoretical possibility, because we did exactly this for many weeks earlier this year".

He said: "Can we have a debate on censorship?"

"There were a small number of people who weren't willing to do so and fixed penalty notices had to be applied". And then we can properly enforce it.

"Number plates are one of the ways in which they are able to identify cars that are travelling long distances, but that won't be the only way".

Mr Bleasdale added that police forces in Wales were already "overstretched" due to the pandemic and that crime had returned to normal "pre-Covid levels".

'I want to be clear today that I back the calls from the First Minister of Wales and I'll be writing to the Prime Minister today to seek urgent talks on that issue, ' she said.

Engage - officers speak to people and try to establish their awareness and understanding of the situation.

Encourage - officers may need to guide individuals, suggesting they return home.



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