Unifor Reaches Tentative Agreement With Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

FCA to Invest up to $1.5 Billion to Build EVs in Windsor

Mr. Dias said with the investment, the factory will continue to produce minivans and launch, starting in 2024, production of either a plug-in hybrid or battery-powered vehicle.

"This is, I will argue, a home run for the community of Windsor", Dias added, calling the deal the "best economic agreement" to be struck there in at least 20 years.

The demands for new investment took on new urgency this past summer after FCA eliminated the third shift at the company's big assembly plant in Windsor.

Unifor reached a new labor deal with Ford Motor Co. last month, which also secured a almost $1.5 billion investment in two plants and a commitment to build electric cars at a plant near Toronto.

If the FCA contract is ratified that would leave General Motors Co.as the last automaker with which Unifor has to reach a new agreement.

Said Jerry Dias, "Not only is Fiat-Chrysler maintaining the current portfolio but they will be investing three derivatives to enhance the current portfolio". "But there's no question there are conversations happening with both levels of government to invest in the $1.5 billion". Today, Dias said the new jobs added will include calling back 425 workers and adding more than 1,500 new jobs to the Windsor region.

2020 Chrysler 300

Additionally, the headcount at Fiat Chrysler in Canada is expected to grow by almost 2,000 as a result of the new platform, with workers starting to come on board in 2023.

The tentative deal also offers something for workers in the automaker's casting plant in Etobicoke, Ont., which has seen its numbers drop to fewer than 200 workers from about 500 in 2016.

The details of the tentative agreement will be presented to Unifor members during a series of virtual ratification meetings over the weekend.

Last year, Fiat Chrysler negotiated a new contract in the US with the United Auto Workers that included wage increases and improved health-care benefits.

The union said FCA was challenging the union on key elements of the pattern agreement, reached with Ford, including wages and lump sum payments, health care benefits and other matters. Members will vote on whether to accept the agreement over a 24-hour period starting this Sunday.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's government and the province of Ontario announced last week investments of Can$295 million each in a Ford factory billed as the largest electric vehicle plant in North America.