Twitter Changes Hacked Content Rules Over New York Post's Hunter Biden Story

Twitter reverses policy on hacked content after Hunter Biden backlash

Twitter was wrong to block weblinks to an uncertain political story, CEO Jack Dorsey announced on Friday, as the company reacted to judgment over its tackling the story that had inspired calls of censorship from the right. The GOP-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee stated it would subpoena Dorsey to testify October 23 earlier than the committee to elucidate Twitter's "election interference".

Twitter initially responded by banning users from sharing links to the article in tweets and direct messages because it violated the company's policy prohibiting hacked content.

Trump had also criticised Twitter's action.

According to a Friday evening report from CBS News, national security adviser Robert O'Brien told President Trump in December 2019 that USA intelligence agencies had "concerns" that Giuliani was being "targeted by a Russian disinformation campaign" in an effort to undermine the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Vijaya Gadde in a Twitter thread said that Twitter will no longer remove hacked material unless it's directly shared by hackers or those working with them, the company's head of legal, policy, trust and safety.

By Thursday, Twitter backpedaled and announced that it would allow similar content to be shared with a label clarifying the source of the information.

Given the objectively widespread reach of the Post article on its platform, why did Facebook even bother making an announcement that's 1) totally antithetical to Facebook's generally hands-off approach to conservative-leaning media and 2) not enough to appease anybody who feels that Facebook should scrutinize any dubiously-reported "scandal" just before the election?

Facebook said it was "lessening" the story's circulation on its foundation while sitting tight for outsider actuality checkers to confirm it, something it consistently does with material that is not prohibited out and out from its administration, however it hazards spreading falsehoods or causing hurt in different manners. In a unprecedented move, Twitter banned users from posting links to the story, saying the links were "potentially unsafe" because the story contained "hacked materials". "When authorities granted these protections, they created a monster!" the president tweeted Thursday.

In Could, Trump issued an govt order aimed toward eradicating Part 230 immunity for social networks in the event that they "censor" speech.

Hunter Biden meanwhile, was raking in upwards of $50,000 a month in excess compensation despite no prior experience in the energy industry. It's unclear whether or not Trump understood that article was satire, given his remark: "Wow, this has by no means been accomplished in historical past. Why is Twitter doing this". The Biden campaign and a lawyer for Hunter Biden said they had no record of such a meeting taking place. That finally wound up within the palms of Giuliani, who supplied the newspaper with a duplicate of the information.

Final yr, USA intelligence businesses warned the Trump administration that Giuliani was the goal of a Russian operation to funnel misinformation to President Trump, the Washington Publish reported this week.



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