Trump court nominee fends off questions on abortion, health care

Trump's nominee Barrett vows to interpret laws 'as they are written'

And when he appointed Judge Barrett to fill Justice Ginsburg's seat, the president said that eliminating the Affordable Care Act would be, quote, "a big win for the U.S.".

During her nomination in 2017 to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, Barrett faced criticism for her Catholic beliefs from Senate Democrats who believed her religious views would conflict with her duties. She and Joe Biden have made protecting the Affordable Care Act one of the centerpieces of their campaign. It is you. It is you calling Republican senators and telling them enough is enough. Klobuchar said during her remarks that the Senate should be working on coronavirus relief rather than trying to rush through Barrett's nomination.

"If an opening comes in the previous year of President Trump's term, and the primary process has started, we'll wait till the next election", said Sen.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Democrat from Vermont, said people in his state are afraid of what Barrett's confirmation could mean for health care.

One by one, Democrats related anecdotes of sick Americans who had been helped by the health law, connecting it to a looming deadline: The fate of the law comes before the Supreme Court on November 10.

"Judge Barrett, in all honesty, you have auditioned for this job through your academic writing and judicial opinions", said Sen. The Trump administration wants the court to strike down the entire law widely known as "Obamacare".

Republicans said that such allegations were unfounded, given that Republicans universally support policies such as a guarantee that insurance will cover pre-existing conditions, a provision of the ACA. Justice Ginsburg said, 'We were different, yes, in our interpretation of written text.

"This committee has ignored commonsense requests to keep people safe-including not requiring testing for all members-despite a coronavirus outbreak among senators of this very committee", Harris said, indirectly referencing Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) "That vision of the court is something found nowhere in the Constitution". Some senators took part remotely, after two committee Republicans, Mike Lee of Utah and Thom Tillis of North Carolina, tested positive for COVID-19 10 days ago.

"This hearing has brought together more than 50 people to sit inside of a closed-door room for hours while our nation is facing a deadly airborne virus", said Sen.

Democratic presidential nominee Biden, also a practicing Catholic, told reporters ahead of a campaign trip to OH that he doesn't think "there's any question about her faith". "We didn't choose to do this now - to plop a supreme court nomination hearing in the middle of an election". Dianne Feinstein, the ranking member of the committee, said.

"We do have a country that needs to move forward safely, and there are millions of Americans, cops, waitresses, nurses, you name it, going to work today to do their job", Mr. "There's nothing unconstitutional about this process", said Graham on Monday.

"She is a slam dunk" based on her qualifications, Sen. Barrett received the highest, "well-qualified" rating from the American Bar Association, though she is the first nominee since Clarence Thomas who did not receive a unanimous assessment. "That's on the line".



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