'The Crown' Season 4 introduces Emma Corrin as Lady Diana

Can't wait to see Lady Diana in The Crown? Discover the story behind the story with True Royalty

This historical period is full of glamour, excesses, drama, deceit, and politics: The fourth season of "The Crown" will cover the Queen's dynamics with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

If you can't wait to see Lady Diana in The Crown or if you're simply fascinated by her incredible life, you'll be pleased to know that streaming service True Royalty has a ton of eye-opening documentaries that delve into the story of the "people's princess". Focusing on the doomed love story of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the teaser has already set the mood for the season which clearly will revolve around the tragic love story. Fans were dying to see Charles and Diana's 1981 royal wedding, and now their dream is turning into reality. The documentary reveals how Diana helped to break down barriers between the British Royal Family and everyday people, and how even now people continue to fight for the causes she cared about most.

The wedding ceremony converses about a happily ever after for the couple. Fans will be seeing a fairy tale in the upcoming season of this royal drama. You can check out The Crown season 4 teaser below.

Production began three years ago, October 2017, when the showrunners bet on an anticipated third and fourth season. This included Harold Wilson's two terms as the prime minister. She rose to power in 1979.

Diana and Prince Charles' fairytale romance charms the public, but behind the closed curtains, reveals the political turmoil and other problems. The main objective of the season is to show everyone that leading a royal life is not a fairytale but constant pressure from the society.

Throughout her life, Diana became known for her charitable work and was famously pictured shaking hands with a man suffering with AIDs in the late 1980s and walking through an active minefield in central Angola in 1997.

The trailer echoes the same stuff which occurred in season 1 with Margaret's relationship with Peter Townsend.

As well as Corrin and O'Connor, The Crown's fourth season will also see Gillian Anderson star as Margaret Thatcher, alongside returning cast-members Olivia Colman, who brilliantly portrays Queen Elizabeth II and Tobias Menzies, who again reprises the role of Prince Phillip. The new season will be hitting Netflix on November 15.

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