Renault adds to electric vehicle range with sportier model

Renault: The new Dacia Spring - the cheapest electric car in Europe - will be available for order in spring 2021

"The Dacia Spring will make inroads into three distinct markets: retail market, car-sharing with numerous car-sharer operators throughout Europe and on the last-mile delivery with its cargo version". Perhaps unsurprisingly, a 0-62mph time isn't quoted, but that's not too important for a vehicle that's unashamedly city-focused. Available at an affordable price with a driving range of 225 km (140 miles) WLTP, it promotes simplicity, reliability and robustness.

Despite the car's small size, four adults should be able to sit inside the Spring Electric in relative comfort, and the boot promises to be the biggest in class.

The range can be improved by nearly 10% by simply pressing the ECO button on the instrument panel thanks to a power limit of 23kW (instead of the maximum 33kW) and a top speed limit of 100kph (62mph). It will support charging at 6.6kW (about average for a domestic wall box) while faster 30kW DC charging is an optional extra. Charging takes five hours or 8.5 hours if you get a 7.4kW or 3.7kW wallbox respectively, and an 80% top-up at a 30kW charger takes around 50 minutes.

The free MY Dacia smartphone app allows drivers to check the battery level and remaining driving range in real time, to programme pre-conditioning of the passenger compartment (air conditioning), and also to locate the auto. These include the company's signature front grille, a Y-shaped lighting signature for the taillights and an orange colour pack on the launch version.

If owning a auto outright isn't preferred, Dacia also developed a specific version of the Spring meant for the car-sharing market.

The Spring Electric has many standard safety features: a speed limiter, ABS, ESP, electronic brakeforce distribution, six airbags, emergency call (SOS button), automatic headlight activation and automatic emergency braking.

That's not all, as there's also the Spring Electric Cargo for commercial use, which removes the rear seats to extend the boot area.

For weight optimisation reasons, this version does not have a spare wheel.

The loading length of this version is 1,033mm, with a volume of 800 litres and a payload of 325kg. Users can use their phones to unlock the vehicle and for geolocation, while this version is quite well-equipped with smartphone mirroring, rear parking sensors and a reversing camera.



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