Rarest creatures on Earth captured in Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards

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Gorshkov was born in rural Siberia, and grew up surrounded by Russian wildlife. But Sergey Gorshkov is clearly both - as demonstrated by his stunning picture of a Siberian, or Amur, tiger deep in the forests of Russia's Far East won him the title of Wildlife Photographer of the Year (WPY), BBC informs.

In this photo, the tigress is seen rubbing her cheek against bark to leave secretions from her scent glands. Siberian tigers (also known as Amur tigers) move across territories of up to 2,000 kilometres for males and 450 kilometres for females. The exhibition of the photographs will open on October 16.

The museum said limited visitor numbers and security measures in the light of Covit-19 would ensure that visitors have a "safe and welcoming experience" and can view images in a crowded gallery. Photographer Waited for Four Years to Get the Perfect Shot of an Underwater Eurasian Beaver but the Viral Photo Gets Trolled Instead!

"Hunted to the verge of extinction over the last century, the Amur population is still threatened by poaching and logging today", said Dr Tim Littlewood, a jury member and the Executive Director of Science of the Natural History Museum in London, who develop and produce the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

The Duchess of Cambridge announced the Grand Title victor of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the Russian photographer Sergey Gorshkov. Sergey knew the chances of getting the tiger on his lens was not an easy task.

'The stems of the low winter sun illuminate the ancient fir tree and the fort of the great tiger, because he snatches the trunk in apparent ecstasy and inhales the scent of the tiger in the resin, leaving her identity as her message. The Russian photographer took 11 months to capture this moment with hidden cameras. Let's take a look at the other winning photographs by some of the incredible photographers around the world. It is of a fox cub trying to eat a barnacle goose in a rock crevice keeping its hungry siblings away.



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