New PlayStation Store Confirmed For Launch This Month Via Sony Email

PlayStation Store to No Longer Offer PS3 PS Vita and PSP

The rumors were true: Sony is indeed removing the ability to buy PS3, PSP, and PS Vita games from the PSN Store when accessing the via the mobile app or web browser.

As confirmed in an email from Sony, via Twitter user Wario64, the changes have come as part of the revamp the company's storefront is going through ahead of the PS5 launch.

As the development focus shifted to PlayStation 4, optimizing the PlayStation Store experience on older platforms has seemingly become a lower priority. The PlayStation 5 is nearly universally compatible with PlayStation 4 games, so these two generations can happily coexist, but PS3, PSP and PS Vita will just be unneeded clutter for an bad lot of people. The change in mobile will take place on October 28th.

However, this does not mean that Sony's legacy consoles can not be purchased digitally. Accessing PSN through the devices themselves will still allow the purchase of these games.

The changes made for PlayStation Store are not limited to these. PS4 users can still access apps, themes, and avatars through the PSN Store on the PS4.

In addition, Sony is killing the PS Store's Wishlist feature. The games that players have registered in this list will also be removed in the new period. With the PlayStation Portable losing access to its integrated store in 2016, PSP users will have to purchase content for their portable devices through a PS3 or Vita, the latter of which only has a fraction of PSP content in its catalog.



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