Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Has Launched!

Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Has Launched! Todd Black

Mario Kart streamer BearUNLV was playing Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit and driving the kart through his hallway and various bedrooms.

The Mario Kart franchise is expanding to our real world with the release of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. The drinks menu includes sodas themed around Mario, Luigi and Peach, with moustaches or a crown attached to the straw for Instagram photo tomfoolery. It uses AR technology and physical Switch-controlled Mario karts to "bridge the gap between the virtual world of Mario Kart and the real world of your home". Race in different Grand Prix Cups to unlock customization options for your own Custom Race, or play with up to 3 friends as you race for the finish line.

Sets contain either a Mario or Luigi toy Kart, as well as four gates that can be placed around the house. That being said, this still is a great example of how creative players can be with the new hybrid Mario Kart game.

Home Circuit will give players the chance to build their own race tracks at home, which is obviously the game's main selling point, while also allowing them to race other players (each with their own RC Mario Kart and Nintendo Switch system) and enjoy classic Mario Kart in their own living room. Nintendo now doesn't ship any bundles of Mario Kart Live with a physical cartridge, and while the actual sets contain a bunch of items including the kart, gates, and wires, the cartridge is missing. One player's cat physically hit the kart as his two feline friends watched in support.

This would bring characters like Mario and new rides themed around Nintendo's video games to Universal's parks worldwide.



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