London to move into Tier 2 Covid restrictions from midnight on Friday

London will go back into coronavirus lockdown from midnight Friday, with household mixing banned

The region of Essex is also expected to move to high alert restrictions this weekend.

"The seven-day average case rate stands today at 97, rising sharply", UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in a statement tabled in the House of Commons.

Speaking earlier at City Hall, London mayor Sadiq Khan had indicated the tougher measures were on the way because there is "simply no other option" as he warned of a hard winter ahead.

Millions of Londoners will face tougher Tier 2 Covid measures from Saturday, with a ban on households mixing indoors, local MPs have been told.

This all comes as Greater Manchester is set to move into the highest 3rd level of Covid-19 restrictions, according to BBC.

"But this is deemed to be necessary in order to protect Londoners' lives by myself, London council leaders and by ministers". "We all need to play our part in getting the virus under control once again".

However, the scale of the COVID-19 crisis in London is still far below that of hotspots in the North and Midlands.

United Kingdom health minister Helen Whateley announced the news to London members of Parliament in a call on Thursday morning. He later said that the coronavirus was spreading rapidly "in every corner" of the city.

The ban on households mixing indoors could be devastating for the capital's 3,640 pubs and 7,556 restaurants - who will see business suffer but will not be eligible for United Kingdom government support available to premises which have been ordered to close.

Under Prime Minister Johnson's new three-tiered social distancing and curfew system, those couples living apart in Tier 2 (medium) and Tier 3 (high) zones will find themselves prohibited from having sex at each other's homes.

The new measures not only put a ban on households mixing together at home but also in pubs and restaurants indoors and will come into effect from midnight on Friday.



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