IPhone 12 will be announced by Apple on October 13

Poor software support could drive Android users to the iPhone

The "Hi, Speed" event is rumoured to give us the new iPhone 12, which will be Apple's first phone with 5G capability.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple is expected to launch four new iPhone 12 models at the event, a 5.4-inch iPhone 12, a 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Max, a 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro and a 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The company is believed to be launching four iPhone 12 variants in a range of sizes, including the iPhone 12 mini (5.4-inch), iPhone 12 (6.1-inch), iPhone 12 Pro (6.1-inch), and the iPhone 12 Pro Max (6.7-inch).

The event is scheduled almost a month to the day after its last big event, which gave us the Apple Watch Series 6 and two new iPads. This month it is set to follow up with its highly anticipated iPhone 12 launch event.

While Apple has not revealed any more details about the lineup or the products, a myriad of leaks and speculations made it to the internet in the past few months.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday October 13 at 10am PDT/Wednesday October 14 at 4am here in Australia. He also said that Pro models are expected to sport either a 6.1-inch screen or a 6.7-inch screen. This simply states that the device, which was meant to appeal to those looking for cheaper iPhone models and those looking beyond the usual iPhone colors, is that old. Let's talk about the iPhone 12, or the whole series.

The event will be entirely virtual due to the ongoing pandemic. There is a hint of the new headphones from Apple.

The cost of the new models in unknown, but a report in June suggested that the phones could ship without earbuds or a power adapter.

Select market studies note that the launch will be the biggest event for the iPhone range since the iPhone 6 was announced in 2014.

Apple's iPhone 12 series is certain to have the new, A14 Bionic processor, along with iOS 14 features. iPhones have never been specifically rated for RAM amounts but the new iPhone 12 Pro Max is most likely to have up to 6GB of memory.

Moreover, Apple might also reveal its latest computer that is powered by a valuable Apple Silicon, the company's very own chipset. The latest update about the upcoming iPhones that has gained significant attention is their prices.

Even so, what's most exciting is that Apple devices are going to get a complete revamp with faster 5G connectivity.



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