Governor Cuomo Phones In NYS COVID Progress For October 15, 2020

Gov. Cuomo prepares to give a briefing earlier this month

The governor says NY is also identifying and reporting the virus clusters more accurately than some other states. For instance, on October 13, the rate in the clusters was 6.29 percent.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews gather in the Borough Park neighbourhood of Brooklyn to protest against Covid-19 restrictions in New York October 7, 2020.

A federal judge on Friday rejected a request from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn to void NY state's limits on religious gatherings in coronavirus hot spots, which the diocese argued had effectively closed its churches.

Attorney Seth Farber, representing the state, said the restrictions, which expire on November 2, were targeted at areas where infections erupted without regard to religious considerations.

Cuomo's order, which expires on November 5, also limited religious gatherings in "orange zone" areas that surround the "red zones" to the lesser of 25 people or 33% of capacity. The other is what the rate would be if 20 areas identified as hot spots were not counted.

For more information, you can view the coronavirus tracker here. Cuomo said " We're dealing with the fall, the next step is "going to be dealing with a vaccine".

Hospitalizations have also been on the rise in the state.

Rich Azzopardi, senior adviser to the governor, said Cuomo is actually saying the opposite of what Trump is saying. Of the 146 new patients admitted, almost half were from the 20 hot spots.

In all the areas statewide, not counting the "Red Zone" focus areas, 131,906 test results were reported, yielding 1,507 positives, or a 1.14 percent positivity rate, he said.

Another 143 patients were newly admitted to hospitals in NY on Thursday. Numerous state's 700-plus districts are conducting at least part time in-person learning.

State Senator Jim Tedisco, a Republican who has been at odds with the governor over nursing home policies during the pandemic, says perhaps the governor was too hasty to write the book, before the crisis is over.

"I think he made a big mistake", Tedisco said.



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